PG program on "Condition Monitoring Control and Protection of Electrical Apparatus" (first of its kind in the country) was launched in June, 2009 as a collaborative endeavor between the CORE and EED of NIT Hamirpur. Admissions in the program are normally made through Centralized Counseling Procedure for M.Tech Admission called CCMT-2013 with valid GATE score on all India basis. Thirty two students have already completed this two years program till July, 2012. Some Ph.D. scholars are also registered with the EED, NIT Hamirpur pursuing their research in the nodal themes related with TIFAC CORE. Research emphasis is given in industry need based identified areas for developing knowledge. One Ph.D. student has been awarded degree in July 2012 under TIFAC-CORE NIT Hamirpur.

    2010 - 2011

    Roll No Name Project Title Supervisor
    09M251 Virendar sharma Failure analysis of power transformer Dr. R.K. Jarial
    09M252 Jivitesh rattan Polarization and depolarization current measurement for assessing the condition of oil paper insulation system Dr. R.N. Sharma
    09M253 Vinay kumar Failure analysis of distribution transformer Dr. R.K. Jarial
    09M254 Disha Vaidya Electrical health assessment of power transformers using ultra violet visible spectro photometer Dr. Y.R. Sood
    09M255 Surinder singh Condition assessment of power transformers using sweep frequency response analysis Dr. O.P. Rahi
    09M256 Deven Vatsal Electrical health monitoring of an electrical apparatus by insulation analyzer Dr. Y.R. Sood,
    Dr. R.K. Jarial
    09M258 Abdul Azeem Condition assessment of in service power transformers Dr. O.P. Rahi
    09M260 Navneet thakur Transformer diagnostic using ultra violet spectrophotometer Dr. O.P. Rahi
    09M262 Rakesh kumar Dissolved gas analysis of transformer oil Dr. R.N. Sharma
    09M263 Amit kumar Ageing characteristic of porcelain insulator Dr. O.P. Rahi,
    Dr R K Jarial

    2011 - 2012

    Roll No Name Project Title Supervisor
    10M253 N. Chandra Joshi Simulation of distribution transformer with internal incipient faults Dr. R.K. Jarial
    10M254 Kapil gandhi Experimental investigation of accelerated stress on transformer insulation using FTIR spectroscopy Dr. Y.R. Sood,
    Dr. R.K. Jarial
    10M256 Sanjay agrawal Intelligent system for condition assessment of transformer Dr. A.K. Chandel
    10M257 Raj kumar Patel Condition monitoring of rotating electrical machine using vibrational signal Dr. Y.R. Sood
    10M258 Mantosh kumar Electric field analysis of EHV underground cable using numerical method Dr. R.N. Sharma
    10M259 Mohan rao. Ungarala Expert system for transformer diagnostics Dr. R.K. Jarial
    10M260 Rakesh thapliyal Design and temperature rise analysis of cascaded H-bridge solid state transformer Dr. R.K. Jarial,
    Dr. Y.R. Sood
    10M261 Tarkeshwar To investigate EMI/EMC phenomena in electrical and electronic gadgets Dr. R.K. Jarial
    10M263 Satyabrata sahoo Transformer diagnostics under dissolved gas analysis using support vector machine Dr. R.N. Sharma
    10M264 Kiran kumar Condition monitoring of induction motor and reliability estimation –an industrial case Dr. R.K. Jarial
    10M265 Sunandan kumar Rotor fault diagnosis of induction motor using current signature analysis Dr. R.K. Jarial
    10M266 Chilaka Ranga An investigation of novel approach for fault diagnosis in power electronic converters: the case of the synchronous cascade drive Dr. R.K. Jarial

    2012 - 2013

    Roll No Name Project Title Supervisor
    11M257 Ram Satya Prakash Bikram Life assessment of power transformer using fuzzy logic Dr. Y.R. Sood
    11M258 Gurmeet singh Condition monitoring of PLC controlled induction motor device Dr. R.K. Jarial
    Dr. Anshul Aggarwal
    11M261 Suresh Kumar Dogra Monitoring of peripheral temperature of electrical apparatus using infrared thermal imaging device (Hot-spot) Dr. R.K. Jarial

    2013 - 2014

    Roll No Name Project Title Supervisor
    12M202 Harminder singh To investigate the insulation ageing of transformer oil by BDV, moisture, c & tan delta and DC resistance measurement. Dr. R.K. Jarial
    12M204 M. Raghuram Modulation and protection technique in matrix converter topology for multi converter operation Dr. R.K. Jarial,
    Dr. Ankush Aggarwal
    12M203 Khusbu Thakur Dr. R Naresh Sharma
    12M206 Priyesh kumar pandey Formulation of health index and end of life assessment of power transformer Dr. R.K. Jarial

    2014 - 2015

    Roll No Name Project Title Supervisor
    13M251 Rahul srivastav Fuzzy logic application for SFRA of power transormer Dr. Y.R. Sood
    13M252 Amita singh Dissolved gas analysis of power transformer using K-means and support vector machine Dr. R.N. Sharma
    13M253 Madan lal chowdary Modelling of Partial discharge activity in solid dielectric material Dr. R.K. Jarial
    13M254 Abhishek singh Condition assessment of OIP type power transformer bushings by latest dielectric response technique Dr. R.K. Jarial
    13M255 Ruchika bansal Transformer fault diagnosis using fusion techniques based on dissolved gas analysis Dr. R.N. Sharma
    13M256 Anchal wadhwa Health assessment of power transformer using fuzzy logic Dr. Y.R. Sood
    13M257 Jagnandan negi Assessment of oil paper insulation of power transformer Dr. R.K. Jarial
    13M258 Alok kumar Mathematical modeling of winding dislocation of transformer by SFRA Dr. R.K. Jarial
    13M259 Shrikant singh Residual life assessment of power transformer Dr. R.K. Jarial
    13M260 Ambuj Kumar Fault prediction and classification in transformer through SFRA Dr. Zakir Husain
    13M261 Satyajeet anand Condition monitoring of oil filled transformer using high performance liquid chromatography Dr. A.K. Chandel
    13M262 Priti pundir Condition monitoring of power transformer using various techniques Dr. Y.R. Sood
    13M263 Yogendra pratap singh Condition monitoring of power transformer using fuzzy logic Dr. A.K. Chandel
    13M264 Saurabh Dixit Asset management of power transformer based condition monitoring and standard diagnostics Sh. Rajesh Kumar
    13M265 Sunil Kumar Singh Dielectric Diagnostic of oil-paper insulation of power transformer Dr. Zakir Husain